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NeoSpeech Releases Two New Voices!

Leo and Beth are NeoSpeech's newest text to speech voicesWe’re proud to announce two new additions to our ever-growing list of voices, including our first ever male Canadian-French voice! Leo and Beth are now fully available in all of our product offerings, giving users and developers more customization in their text-to-speech applications.

Leo, our first male French-Canadian voice, and Beth, our latest US English voice, raise the standards for high-quality speech synthesizers. We don’t like to brag often, but these are both outstanding voices.

Who is Leo?

Leo is a French Canadian text to speech voiceLeo perfectly captures the allure of the French-Canadian accent. His voice strikes the delicate balance between a deep yet elegant tone. Leo’s voice has been described as friendly and professional, making his voice perfect for business use. Make Leo’s voice the first thing your customer hears when they call your company and they’ll be instantly hooked.

In addition to using Leo for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) purposes, his smooth and realistic voice makes him ideal for announcement systems, broadcasting, eReading, and personal use.

Now, we wouldn’t just talk up Leo’s voice this much without backing it up. Listen to Leo’s voice yourself and see what our excitement is about! You can also put Leo to work in the demo section of our home page by selecting his voice and typing any text you wish for him to speak!

You can also read our press release on Leo HERE!

Who is Beth?

Beth is an american english text to speech voiceBeth is our fourth female, and sixth overall US English voice! This gives our customers a wide range of variety in selecting just the right English voice for their applications.

What makes Beth so special is the attracting and warming tone of her voice. These traits are often missing from synthesized speech, but Beth’s voice has the undeniable ability to connect with her audience.

This personal connection that Beth achieves makes her voice ideal for education, language learning, screen reading, health monitors, medical devices, and of course, personal use.

Again, we wouldn’t throw all of these claims at you without proving it. You can listen to Beth’s voice yourself and allow her to read any text you type by selecting her voice on the demo section of our home page.

How do these voices sound so realistic?

Ever heard the phrase “slow and steady wins the race”? Well, that’s the approach we take when developing our speech engines. As we discussed in our blog post “HTS VS. USS: WHICH SPEECH SYNTHESIS TECHNIQUE IS BETTER,” we use the USS technique which takes much more time, but as of today producers the best quality voice.

It takes us about a full year of hard work from start to finish to create a new voice using this technique, but the superior quality of our voices definitely makes the effort worth it to us! And we think you’ll agree when you experience our text-to-speech technology.

Can we expect more voices soon?

You bet! We’re expanding our line by adding new languages. Plus, we’re also adding voices to languages we already support to give you more customization. We’re working tirelessly to continue to be the leading provider of text-to-speech technology, and we can’t wait to introduce you to our new voices, or better yet, to have our new voices introduce themselves to you!

What do you think?

Did you listen to Leo’s or Beth’s voice? What do you think of them? What sort of technologies or applications would you like to hear these voices in? Let us know in the comments!

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