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Learn more about NeoSpeech’s newest app VoiceAlarm, the alarm clock app that talks to you

VoiceAlarm uses NeoSpeech text-to-speech technology

In case you didn’t see the news, we released another app! Since launching VoiceAlarm earlier this month, it has been downloaded hundreds of times and has received great feedback.

So what is VoiceAlarm? And why did NeoSpeech, a text-to-speech company, make an alarm clock app? We’ll give you all the answers below.

What is VoiceAlarm?

VoiceAlarm is a free iOS app (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) that works a lot like a traditional alarm clock. You can set alarms at different days and times for it to go off. But we took it a step further and gave the app the ability to speak and listen to you.

VoiceAlarm uses NeoSpeech’s text-to-speech technology to deliver natural sounding speech whenever the alarm goes off. When a user sets a new alarm, they can type in any custom message they wish to hear once the alarm goes off. With this feature, you can write inspiring messages or helpful reminders that’ll be read aloud to you at the time you want to hear it.

This makes VoiceAlarm more personalized than a traditional alarm clock app. You can have the alarm say, “It’s 6:30 am, get up and walk the dog”, or “it’s time to pay the bills now”. Any message you wish to hear, you can make it happen with VoiceAlarm.

VoiceAlarm also features speech recognition technology. Users can speak commands such as, “turn off”, or “snooze” to control the app. This makes interacting with the app easier and more conversational.

How did we make it?

VoiceAlarm was built using our VoiceText Embedded SDK. This engine and SDK were specifically designed for mobile phone application and embedded device development.

One of the biggest challenges of app development is keeping its size small. Memory space on smart phones such as the iPhone is limited. Therefore, no one wants to download an app that takes up a lot of space.

Text-to-speech engines often have large footprints and require a lot of memory. This is because text-to-speech engines include a database of recorded speech from a voice actor. These databases can include anywhere from 2 hours to 20 hours of speech. Generally speaking, a larger database means a higher quality voice (this is not always the case though as several factors play into voice quality).

This is the challenge that many app developers face when working with text-to-speech technology. They want a high quality voice, but they don’t want it to take up too much memory.

Our VoiceText Embedded engine addresses this issue. And thanks to it, we were able to add not 1, but 2 voices into our VoiceAlarm app! James and Kate, two of our highest rated US English voices, are available for use in the app.

Using the VoiceText Embedded SDK, we built a simple, easy-to-use alarm clock app around our text-to-speech engine.

Why did we make it?

NeoSpeech’s focus is on creating text-to-speech solutions for developers and personal users. We’re not in the smart phone app business. Yet, as you might see from our developer page on the iTunes store, we’ve released quite a few apps.

We love seeing our text-to-speech voices benefit people’s lives. Our own customers have made awesome products using our voices, including screen readers, communication devices, announcement systems, and eLearning courses. Seeing our voices being used to help someone drives our passion, which is why we choose to join the fun every now and then and create a free app featuring our technology.

We decided to create VoiceAlarm because we noticed traditional alarm clock apps weren’t always fulfilling their purpose. People set alarms at specific times with an intent to accomplish something. Maybe they want to wake up earlier to work out. But when the alarm goes off at 6 am, they’re too tired to think about why they wanted to wake up earlier and just hit the snooze button to fall back asleep.

People can use our text-to-speech voices in VoiceAlarm to motivate themselves to get up out of bed earlier or to accomplish a task at a specific time. Having these personalized and timely reminders is a lot more effective than just listening to a buzzing alarm.

VoiceAlarm is the alarm app that talks to you

If you’ve ever slept through your alarm or ignored a reminder, then give VoiceAlarm a try! You’d be surprised how beneficial it is to listen to your device remind you why you set your alarm in the first place. You can download VoiceAlarm here.

What do you think?

Have you downloaded VoiceAlarm yet? What did you think? Have you made your own app featuring text-to-speech? Let us know in the comments!

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