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Try our Thai and Brazilian Portuguese text-to-speech voices on our website now!

Thai and Brazilian Portuguese text-to-speech online demoStarting today, you can control our new Thai and Brazilian Portuguese text-to-speech voices with our interactive web demo.

The demo, which is located on the home page of neospeech.com, allows you to select any of our 40+ voices in 11 different languages and type in any text you wish to hear get spoken by them. Our web demo will instantly convert your text into beautiful, natural sounding speech.

NeoSpeech's text-to-speech online demo

Our two new Thai text-to-speech voices are Sarawut (male) and Somsi (female). Sarawut has a clean, smooth voice while Somsi sounds very personable and pleasant.

Our new Brazilian Portuguese text-to-speech voices are Rafael (male) and Helena (female). Both sound very natural and incredibly realistic.

Listen to these new voices speak anything you wish for them to say now!

What can I use these voices for?

Glad you asked, there’s a wide and ever-growing range of applications that text-to-speech can be used for. Our new voices, or any of our voices for that matter, are perfect for both professional and consumer-based applications.

You can integrate any of our voices into your call center solution, eLearning program, mobile app, or stand-alone product. You can also just use our text-to-speech engines to generate voices files and sound prompts.

I like what I heard and want to purchase one or more of these voices! How do I do that?

Easy, just get in touch with our Sales Team and they’ll be happy to get you everything you need. And if you want to do some research on some of our packages, check out our Products Page and TTS Cloud Service Page.

And if you’re interested in using our text-to-speech voices for commercial use, definitely download a free copy of our eBook, “Which Text-to-Speech Product Is Right For You?” to help you decide which NeoSpeech solution you need.

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