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Top 5 Speech Technology Events You Should Attend in 2016

Top 5 Speech Technologu Conferences in 2016

2016 promises to be a big year for Speech Technology. Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Personal Assistants are expected to make giant leaps forward. Speech recognition technology continues to improve, with Google getting their error rate down to 8% in 2015. Facebook is working on text-to-speech technology to help blind users “see” images.

Here at NeoSpeech, we plan to create numerous new high quality voices and work with new clients to implement text-to-speech in ways that have not been seen before. With these incredible advancements in mind, 2016 is sure to be an exciting year in the speech technology space.

As the creators of some of the world’s best text-to-speech software, we carefully consider which events and conferences to attend, ensuring that we harness every opportunity to talk with new potential customers and foster relationships with current ones. We have a long track record attending and exhibiting at many of the world’s top speech technology events, so we know a great event when we see one.

So, where do you need to be to be a part of this innovation and excitement? How can you meet the best new customers and discover new technologies and strategies applicable to your field? Take a look at the Top 5 Speech Technology related events to attend in 2016 below.

Note – As you may know, speech technology providers and customers are prevalent in a variety of fields. Hence, this list extends far beyond just speech technology events, presenting the best events to attend if you or your customers are interested in a variety of related fields, such as education, accessible products, CTI, IVR and more.


Best Speech Technology Event Overall: SpeechTek


SpeechTek is THE event to attend if you’re interested in or working within the speech technology space. This is the opportunity for speech technology companies to learn about new improvements and advancements in the field, how to apply those to their business or situation, and to meet and learn from experts.

Who Should Attend:

SpeechTek is the ideal event for people from businesses in all areas of speech technology. Everyone from top level managers to your newest salesperson can gain a lot from attending this event, including learning about your competition, discovering new innovations in your field and how you could implement them in your services and products, and meeting potential new clients.

SpeechTek also has numerous benefits for people outside the obvious areas of speech technology. SpeechTek is a great place for businesspeople from fields such as IVR and CTI, e-learning, accessible devices and mobile app developers to seek out and find new business partners and learn how to integrate speech technology into their products and services. Customer Services Managers, Consumer Electronic Designers, Customer Experience Designers and other members of the customer service industry can easily discover new ways to make their customer experiences more effective and efficient using speech technology.

Why You Should Attend:

SpeechTek facilitates learning about new and improved speech technologies and the many applications of speech technology. Attendees will learn how to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty using speech technology and discover most innovative principles in voice interaction design. There are a fantastic range of keynote presentations, panel discussion, workshops and opportunities to network. The best and brightest of the industry always attend this event making it the perfect place to meet a new business partner or to size up the competition. SpeechTek is a single, comprehensive source for information about all kinds of speech technology – so don’t miss it.

Location: Omni Shoreham, Washington D.C.

Date: May 23-25, 2016.

Learn More: http://www.speechtek.com/2016/

Get $100 off Early Bird Registration or a free Expo pass by using the code NSP16 when registering! Register here: http://bit.ly/STEK16



Top CTI and IVR Event: Call Center Week


Call Center Week is one of the largest customer care conferences in the United States. The conference aims to educate businesses about meeting the demands of customers, understanding and utilizing data, leveraging cloud computing opportunities and how to prove ROI in a call center.

Who Should Attend?

If you’re in the Call Center industry or interested in improving your customer service, this event is a must. Everyone from middle managers to C-level managers will learn new ways to improve and optimize their customer service by attending this conference and hearing from customer service experts. This conference is also a great opportunity for those in the speech technology industry to meet potential new customers to enable them to leverage speech technology and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their call center and customer service.

Why You Should Attend:

This year will be the 17th Annual Call Center Week, highlighting the longevity of this event’s usefulness and attractiveness for those in the call center and customer service industries. You will hear from and meet leading minds in the customer service industry, learning all about how to implement the latest customer service strategies in a range of industries.

Experts from throughout the world travel to attend this event, providing opportunities for you to discuss international customer service strategies with those around you. According to CCW, 58% of their attendees have at least 5 years experience in strategic customer service. It is the perfect event for call center professionals and customer service experts to network and learn. To add to this, people from a huge range of other industries attend the event, including those with a speech technology background. This provides a fantastic opportunity to network and heard about unique implementations of customer service strategies.

Speech technologies, especially text-to-speech technology, are used in a range of IVR and CTI applications. From small business who want pre-recorded audio for their answering machine to make it sound more professional to large scale call centers who want to enable customer to check their bank balance or book a flight without the need to speak with a representative. If you’re in the speech technology field, this is the perfect opportunity to meet small and large scale CTI and IVR customers and to promote your products to them.

Location: The Mirage, Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: June 27 – July 1, 2016

Learn More: http://www.callcenterweek.com/


Assistive Technology: ATiA Conference


The Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATiA) Conference claims the title of the largest international conference that showcases advancements and innovations in assistive technology. For those of you who do not know, assistive technology refers to any technology that assists people with disabilities, such as screen readers and text-to-speech apps. The ATiA Conference offers an opportunity for anyone who works in the assistive technology field to network and learn from the best minds in the industry.

Who Should Attend?

This conference is catered towards those who are interested in discovering and/or presenting the latest advancements in assistive technology. While anyone can attend, the conference is designed for AT practitioners, teachers, OTs, PTs, or any other professionals who find value in the networking opportunities provided by the ATiA conference.

ATiA is also a great event for speech technology professionals to attend, providing opportunities to discover new ways in which your speech technology could be used to aid those with disabilities or to meet new potential customers.

Why You Should Attend:

ATIA is the best place to learn about advances in the assistive technology field and discover how to integrate these new innovations into your workplace, products or services. Like all our other events so far, this is the perfect place to network as it attracts all the best minds from throughout the industry. The sessions look fantastic this year too, with overview sessions such as Introduction to Technology for the Blind and Visually Impaired and more specific sessions for targeted attendees, such as Multimodal Communication and Learning Strategies for Children with Significant Challenges. There is definitely something here for everyone.

One of the reasons we work in the text-to-speech space is to aid people with disabilities. We believe that everyone deserves access to all emerging technologies. The ATiA Conference is the perfect place to meet people who design and distribute accessible products, many of whom are searching for speech technology to incorporate into their products. These are passionate potential customers that you won’t meet if you do not attend the ATiA conference.

Location: Caribe Royale All-Suites Resort & Convention Center, Orlando, Florida

Date: February 2-3, 2016

Learn More: http://www.atia.org/

ATiA Conferece 2015

ATiA Conference, 2015


E-learning and Education: DevLearn


DevLearn is one of the biggest and best learning technology events in the USA. From online e-learning courses to implementing new technologies in the classroom, DevLearn invites everyone who is interested in the intersection of learning and technology to attend.

Who Should Attend?

Principals, teachers, e-learning business professionals, HR managers and anyone who is passionate about learning and utilizing innovative learning technologies are obviously encouraged to attend. However, DevLearn opens the door to businesspeople in a range of industries, as professional development and learning happens at all stages of life and in all fields of expertise. Businesses in the speech technology space, like us, should attend to meet new B2B partners and increase brand exposure, as e-learning is one of the biggest applications of text-to-speech technology in recent times.

Why You Should Attend:

DevLearn provides a comprehensive guide to learning technologies in 2016. It is always hosted near the end of the year (mid-November in 2016), enabling the organizers to present the information and strategies that made the biggest impact throughout the year. DevLearn attracts the most qualified learning and e-learning speakers, with last year featuring Adam Savage from Mythbusters, Connie Yowell, the Director of Education at the MacArthur Foundation and other inspirational minds in this field. You can attend presentations about learning technology strategies, discover new applicable technologies, explore how to implement new strategies and technology and network with other people with similar roles or in similar fields to your own.

The field of e-learning is one of the biggest and most versatile providers of text-to-speech customers. At NeoSpeech, one of our specialties is working with e-learning products, making DevLearn a must. We work with everyone from e-learning providers creating online language learning tools to HR departments looking to implement new company training systems. Many of these customers attend DevLearn – and if you want to meet them, you should too.

Location: The MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: November 16-18, 2016

Learn More: The ELearning Guild has not yet released their official DevLearn 2016 website, but you can get some general information about it here: http://www.elearningguild.com/devlearn/content/4110/devlearn-2016-conference–expo–home


Broadcasting: NAB Show


The NAB Show, produced by the National Association of Broadcasters, is the largest video, audio and broadcasting event in the world. This is where broadcasting professionals come to learn from and network with the best.

Who Should Attend?

The NAB Show is the event for radio and television broadcasters and broadcasting businesspeople. The NAB Show also attracts many professionals in the digital media industry as well, such as producers, directors, C-level executives and other experts with a passion for producing content across visual platforms. Anyone with an interest in producing and promoting content on television, radio, the internet, and movie theatres will find this event engaging and interesting.

Why You Should Attend:

As I said before, the NAB Show is the world’s largest event for broadcasters’ and digital content creators; it’s so large it is the only show on this list with its own Wikipedia page. The NAB Show offers anyone in the realm of broadcasting the opportunity to find new technologies, news ways of implementing current technology, and new talent. There are many fantastic sessions you can attend from high profile speakers on topics such as feature film making, radio broadcasting, new media platforms and more. There are over 100,000 attendees every year from 166 countries, showing that there are a ton of people who believe this event is worth it. The event has been running for over 85 years, consistently attracting the experts and innovators in the field.

The NAB Show has a special attraction for speech technology enthusiasts too. The NAB Show is the perfect place to meet potential customers and find strategic partnership opportunities. In light of the new FCC text-to-speech regulations for broadcasters, broadcasters are now more aware than ever of the benefits of using text-to-speech. These new rules mean that television shows that are broadcasted with text-based emergency information that is not read aloud on the main screen need to provide a secondary audio stream dedicated to conveying this emergency information. There may be unique opportunities at the NAB show to educate broadcasters even further and open up secondary uses of text-to-speech technology to help grow your business.

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: April 16-21, 2016

Learn More: http://www.nabshow.com/


So, what are you waiting for?

Attending speech technology related events is a key driver of growth and customer acquisition in the speech technology arena. Whether your business focuses on delivering text-to-speech to broadcasters or speech recognition software to IVR producers, there is an event here that is definitely worth attending. Even if you decide not to exhibit at these events, you can still obtain great value from attending.

Key benefits of attending these events include:

  • Meeting innovators and industry experts in your space
  • Discovering new technologies you can utilize or learn from
  • Meeting new potential clients and customers
  • Finding and creating new strategic partnerships
  • Learning about new and successful strategies in your arena
  • Increasing your brand awareness and exposure
  • And they are fun!


With all these incredible events this year, 2016 is sure to be a success. Take these opportunities to meet thought leaders, experts and like-minded people in your industry, discover the latest breakthroughs in recent technologies and learn how to implement internationally renowned strategies. While this sounds like a lot of marketing hype, this is actually what you will achieve by attending these conferences – you can take our word for it.

No matter what area of speech technology, education, technology or another industry you’re in, there is something here for everyone. We’d love to hear about your experiences at these conferences or what you’re looking forward to most about these events in 2016. Feel free to comment below or email us at marketing@neospeech.com


Learn More about NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech

One thing we love about events and conferences in the ability to meet new clients and continue to solidify relationships with current partners. If you’re considering adding text-to-speech to your next product, application or service, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our Sales Inquiry Form or take a look at our range of text-to-speech products.

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