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Text-to-Speech for Personal Use

Interested in using text-to-speech just for yourself? Find out how NeoSpeech can help.

Text to speech for personal use

Text-to-speech can be a fantastic tool for personal users! Not only does it make the world more accessible to those who need it, but it can also be a very productive tool to students, workers, and just about anyone else.

NeoSpeech is known for producing the best, most natural sounding text-to-speech voices on the market today, so it’s no wonder why we receive so many requests from personal users to purchase our voices.

While we focus primarily on providing text-to-speech solutions for commercial use with packages that help developers build custom speech-enabled devices or applications, we also offer a few solutions for those just wanting to use our text-to-speech voices for themselves!

If you’re interested in text-to-speech for personal use, read on to find out everything you need to know about purchasing and using our voices.

Applications of NeoSpeech for personal users

For personal use, text-to-speech usage can basically be broken down into two categories; it either communicates information to you, or you’re using it to communicate information to others.

Most personal users of NeoSpeech are using our text-to-speech voices to have information communicated to them. They do this by taking text from online documents, articles, or web pages and entering it into our text-to-speech engine that is able to convert all of the text into speech instantly.

This is especially useful for people who have trouble reading text on a screen. People with visual or learning disabilities can often find it hard to read text, making text-to-speech an extremely helpful tool.

Some personal users enjoy text-to-speech because it increases their productivity. For example, someone may want to have their information read aloud to them while they do other tasks. Or they can save the audio files and listen to them later like when they’re driving.

We also have personal users who use our engines to communicate for them. Just recently we published the story of Debbie, a woman who uses our VT Editor program to communicate on the phone. While VT Editor wasn’t built as an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device, Debbie uses it to type in what she wants to say and puts her phone to her computer speakers while our text-to-speech voice speaks.

There could be many reasons why you want to use text-to-speech for personal use, but the important thing to remember is that you are using it for yourself. If you are using the voices for your company, or you’re distributing the audio content produced by our text-to-speech voices (such as in a YouTube video), then you’ll need to purchase an audio distribution license.

NeoSpeech products for personal users

As mentioned earlier, most of NeoSpeech’s products are toolkits that developers can use to build their custom products and applications with our text-to-speech voices. Personal users often don’t have the time or resources to build a text-to-speech application, meaning they need one that’s already built and ready to go.

NeoSpeech’s VT Editor is exactly that. VT Editor is a Windows application that you can install on your computer and use at your pleasure. Whenever you want to convert text into speech, just type or paste the text into the application and it will convert it into speech using the NeoSpeech voice of your choice.

Similarly, NeoSpeech’s SAPI voices could also be used by personal users. SAPI is an API developed by Microsoft that enables the use of speech technology. Basically, if you were to download our SAPI voices onto your computer, you’d be able to use them in any other application on your computer as long as it is SAPI-compliant. Windows applications that are SAPI compatible include all Microsoft Office apps, Adobe Reader and Adobe Captivate.

Purchasing process for personal users

Are you interested in using our text-to-speech voices for personal use? To get started, make sure you check out our interactive online demo so you can test all of our voices and languages to make sure you find the right voice for you.

When you’re ready, fill out our short Sales Inquiry form to get in contact with our friendly Sales Team. In the “Company” section of the form, just write “Self” since you plan on using our voices just for yourself.

Once you submit your inquiry, our Sales Team will get in touch with you to get all the information they need to find the right package for you. Here are some of the important details we’ll need:

  • How you plan on using the text-to-speech.
  • What type of computer you have and what operating system it’s running on.
  • Which voice(s) you want.

Once we have all of the information we need, we’ll send you pricing and then send you your download package once we receive payment.

Important things you should know

Before you decide to purchase any of NeoSpeech’s solutions for personal use, keep the following in mind:

  • VT Editor and our NeoSpeech SAPI voices for personal use are only compatible with Windows computers. We do not offer products for Mac users.
  • When you purchase our solutions for personal use, you purchase one license that will let you use our technology. That license will only work for 1 device! You will not be able to use our VT Editor or SAPI voices on other devices. If you ever change devices, you’d have to purchase a new license. However, keep in mind that we generally do not sell multiple personal use licenses to the same person.
  • Distributing NeoSpeech voices is considered commercial use and requires a commercial license. Creating audio files to put on a video (such as a YouTube video), putting audio files on a website, hosting a presentation, creating an online audio book, all are considered commercial usage and not personal.

Learn More about NeoSpeech’s Text-to-Speech

Want to learn more about all the ways Text-to-Speech can be used? Visit our Text-to-Speech Areas of Application page. And check out our Text-to-Speech Products page to find the right package for any device or application.

If you’re interested in integrating Text-to-Speech technology into your product, please fill out our short Sales Inquiry form and we’ll get you all the information and tools you need.

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