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New eBook, “Which Text-to-Speech Product Is Right For You?” released

Do you need text-to-speech for your commercial device or application? If so, we can help you with that. We have a diverse range of text-to-speech products to accommodate your needs. We have SDKs, standalone applications, and Cloud-based solutions. Whether you’re making a server application, an embedded device, or a speech enabled website, NeoSpeech has the product you need.

However, we understand that sometimes it might be difficult figuring out exactly which product is right for you. There are thousands of different ways a text-to-speech application can be built, but no matter which route you choose to take, we’re confident that we have the solution for you.

Now, we want you to have that same confidence. With that said, we’re excited to announce the release of our first eBook! “Which Text-to-Speech Product Is Right For You?” is the complete guide on everything about text-to-speech and NeoSpeech’s lineup of powerful tools and solutions.

Which text-to-speech product is right for you

In this free eBook, we start by teaching you the basics of text-to-speech and giving you the knowledge to feel like a text-to-speech expert. Then, we go into each of our products and describe their purposes. Finally, we pose a few questions about your end-product. Upon answering those questions and following along our guide, you will confidently know which NeoSpeech product you need.

So, if you’re thinking about integrating text-to-speech into your device or application, give our eBook a read. In the short amount of time it takes you to read it, you’ll be a text-to-speech expert and know exactly how you’re going to give your product a voice. Download your copy here.

What do you think?

Have you read the eBook? Did it help you decide which product is right for you? Let us know in the comments!

Learn More about NeoSpeech’s Text-to-Speech

Want to learn more about all the ways Text-to-Speech can be used? Visit our Text-to-Speech Areas of Application page. And check out our Text-to-Speech Products page to find the right package for any device or application.

If you’re interested in integrating Text-to-Speech technology into your product, please fill out our short Sales Inquiry form and we’ll get you all the information and tools you need.

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