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Text-to-Speech for Transportation

The era that we currently live in is referred by many names: The Information Age, The Computer Age, The Digital Age, or The Fourth Industrial Revolution is what the World Economic Forum calls it. Despite whatever this era is called, one thing is certain – Our world is transforming rapidly and every industry is being affected.

With the rise of location tracking technology and the abundance of mobile devices, Transportation is an industry that is directly advancing from this transformation. According to Deloitte, smarter transportation solutions will reduce congestion, foster faster, greener, and cheaper transportation options, and may even introduce whole new transportation systems. Tieto supports this claim by mentioning that by 2025, most of these smart transportation solutions will use real-time data, which gradually leads to more personalized services.

For instance, a great method to deliver accurate and reliable data directly to commuters is integrating text-to-speech technology to transportation solutions. With Text to Speech, updated information is streamlined in real-time, dynamic navigation is possible, and data is personalized to the user’s destination.

Transportation, Text to speech for drivers and everyday commuters

This blog article is part 5 in an 8-part series highlighting the applications of Text to Speech.

Here are some ways text-to-speech technology can be used in transportation systems:

  •         Announcement Systems
  •         GPS/Mobile Applications
  •         Interactive Audio Kiosk

Announcement Systems

Daily commuters riding public transportation are familiar with announcement systems. Every day, these systems relay time-sensitive information via audio broadcast on buses, trains, airplanes, and more. It not only informs commuters of upcoming stops and estimated times of arrival, but it also gives them a sense of relief. In addition, it is highly beneficial to people with disabilities, especially those with visual impairments. People with visual impairments rely on this vital information when riding public transportation, which serves as their main source of transportation. 

Now that text-to-speech technology has peaked and even better sounding than before, public transit of all types have no problem using these voices for their main announcement systems. IED Audio uses text-to-speech voices to broadcast critical travel information in airports all over the globe.

GPS/Mobile Applications

Going to new places should not have to be a scary experience. At the moment, there are countless devices that travelers put their trust in – to give them accurate directions on their way to unknown destinations. But these devices typically use a very robotic voice that can be sometimes hard to understand and therefore increase the drivers’ uneasiness. Text to Speech is able to be that calming medium between the driver and the strange road ahead, even if a wrong turn is taken. Telenav provides intelligent navigation and driving assistance solutions to everyday commuters. 

Interactive Audio Kiosk

Most modern traffic-heavy areas contain self-service interactive audio kiosks at their entrance. They are convenient for passengers and visitors to access information from the directory, obtain directions to their destination, or to simply print out their boarding passes. Traditionally, these kiosks are easy to use and provide personalized information about your next train, flight, etc. Although there is an option to stand in line and wait for help from a real person, these audio kiosks can save you time if you are in a hurry. Occasionally, they are equipped with natural text-to-speech voices that sound like they are happy to assist you! 

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