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Text-to-Speech for Education

Whether we’re in a school classroom or in our day-to-day lives, we are always learning. As children grow up with smart phones and tablets, the education field is incorporating technology into the physical classroom as well as embracing online learning. Employers are integrating eLearning into the workplace to help with on boarding new staff as well as retain current employees and keep up with technological changes.

Online learning provides the convenience of the internet – access to information at anytime, from anywhere.

Text-to-speech for education

This blog article is part 3 in an 8-part blog series highlighting the applications of text-to-speech.

Here are some ways text-to-speech can be used in education:

  • Company Orientation
  • Edutainment
  • eLearning
  • Language Learning
  • Standardized Testing
  • Training Simulation

Company Orientation

The rapid growth of learning management systems shows that companies understand the value of continuing education for their employees. With startups disrupting industries and new technologies entering the workforce, companies must embrace change and help their employees transition smoothly. Many companies use text-to-speech in their employee training courses, such as Saint-Gobain who develop high performance materials for construction.


We retain more information when we have fun. Games, fun facts, and timed quizzes, fun facts are a few ways edutainment keeps our brains sparked. Having fun is a key ingredient behind InnerVoice, an easy-to-use communication app. While dictionaries and encyclopedias aren’t synonymous with fun, Encyclopedia Britannica keeps it interesting with daily fun facts and quizzes.


Online courses are more cost effective than physical classrooms and provide the benefits of in-person instruction without the limitations. Students can access courses at anytime and go through the course material at their own pace. Audio capability is a must have feature in eLearning content creating software. With text-to-speech, it’s easy to add hundreds of hours of narration to courses and to quickly update them when needed. Reasoning Mind creates math eLearning software that is ready to use.

Language Learning

Whether you’re online or in a classroom, you can improve your pronunciation and retention of a new language by listening. Text-to-speech is perfect for online courses, translation software, and dictionary apps because you can generate audio in real time. Whether it’s a dictionary, flashcards, or interactive lessons, apps make it easy to practice a new language wherever you go. One example is Pleco, the world’s best Chinese dictionaries, that offers Mandarin and Cantonese dictionaries as well as flashcards and document reader features.

Standardized Testing

School materials, including tests, need to be accessible to all students. Large print, Braille, and audio are some ways to make written text more accessible. Sometimes audio is a better medium to test students than written or visual tests, such as with spelling words and testing foreign language comprehension. Large-scale assessment tests gather valuable data on current learning structures and areas for improvement. Data Recognition Corporation provides state testing assessments as well as research and evaluation solutions for developing education programs and policies.

Training Simulation

Books don’t come close to real world experience. Whether it is commercial, military, or civilian training, fully immersive training simulations improve accuracy. Training simulators provide life-like situations without the cost of in-person setup. With training simulations, users are prepared when it’s time for them to apply their skills to the real world. Advanced Simulation Technology, inc. develops communication and sound products for simulators.

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