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Text-to-Speech Changes Lives: How Ashley Found Her Voice

At NeoSpeech, one of the most uplifting applications of Text to Speech (TTS) technology is to aid people with communication related disabilities – like Ashley.

This is Ashley. Like any other young woman she has a job, a home and independence. She is an intelligent young woman with hopes and dreams. She has a loving family who want to communicate with her and let her communicate with them.

Ashley, a mute bride, uses NeoSpeech TTS at her wedding   ashley uses NeoSpeech text to speech 2

Ashley Sarmento, a young bride who is mute, uses NeoSpeech’s Text-to-Speech technology to say her vows aloud.  

Unlike other young women, Ashley drowned at the age of 3. After being officially dead for 1 hour and 40 minutes, Ashley was in a coma for 2 months. When she awoke, she had lost her ability to talk.

Luckily, Ashley was still able to hear. But many people thought she was deaf because she cannot talk and had to use American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate. Ashley was placed in Special Ed classes and had to have an ASL interpreter with her throughout her schooling days. That was until Ashley’s mother, Cathy, discovered NeoSpeech’s text to speech technology.

“What NeoSpeech did for Ashley was connect her to the speaking world around her; it allowed her to move from special ed classes with signing support to regular ed classes and have regular friends… What NeoSpeech did for Ashley can’t be quantified. It not only gave her, her voice back it gave her a quality of life we thought was lost, too.” Cathy explained to us.

Using NeoSpeech’s Text to Speech software, Ashley was suddenly able to communicate with the world around her without relying on ASL. By simply typing in what she wanted to say and pressing a button, she could engage in a conversation with anyone, including her grandparents. Ashley even used NeoSpeech’s text to speech software to get married! The software allowed her to say her vows out loud to her husband, just as any young woman would.

“It allowed her to communicate with grandparents that thought they were too old to learn sign language. It enabled her to meet her husband, court and take her wedding vows.  Every day it helps from asking where items are in the grocery store to which stop to get off of the bus.  It helped when 911 was called for her husband when he had a bad fall.”

NeoSpeech’s technology is not only useful for people who are mute but also for people with other communication disabilities. “I have recommended it to many people with loved ones that had a stroke or are on a breathing assistance and head injuries.  I know there are so many more uses than what we have had the benefit of using it for” Cathy said, describing NeoSpeech’s TTS technology.

We are honored to have played such an important part in Ashley’s life and to aid her with her wedding. It is wonderful to see NeoSpeech changing the lives of the people in our community.


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