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Text-to-Speech for Announcements

Speech is a quick and easy way to notify people nearby of a situation. While the farthest known distance traveled by a human voice is 5 miles, the average distance is about 590 feet. Loudspeakers and microphones amplify the human voice so it can reach more people across greater distances. The human voice is an impressive apparatus with the range of pitch, intensity, and sounds it can make. That’s why with text-to-speech we imitate the human voice.

But there are cases when text-to-speech is more efficient or even better than a human voice such as for announcements. Regional accents and emotional inflections can hinder comprehension. When you’re listening to an urgent message, you don’t want to be distracted by an accent or have your stress level increase due to the sound of a breaking voice from intense emotion.

TTS for Announcements

This blog article is part 2 in an 8-part blog series highlighting the applications of text-to-speech.

Here are some ways text-to-speech can be used in announcement systems:

  • Emergency Alerts Systems
  • Interactive Audio Kiosks
  • Public Address (PA) Systems
  • Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems
  • Weather Notification Systems
  • Broadcasting

Emergency Alerts Systems

Communication is a top priority in an emergency situation. If people do not know where a fire is or don’t even know there is a fire, they cannot act promptly to evacuate or to extinguish the fire. BellTower Technologies provides mass notification systems for emergency and routine alerts. Text-to-speech audio messages play on any device with sound, which means everyone can receive real-time notifications.

Interactive Audio Kiosks

Kiosks provide information and services around the clock. Interactive displays at malls, museums, and public attractions help people find where to go and what they can do in the area. ECRS supplies self service kiosks that help customers more efficiently and cut down on wait times. New products and information can be updated quickly on a large scale.

PA Systems

Government buildings and public services use PA systems to get the word out promptly. For instance, the Fort Worth Fire Department uses text-to-speech in PA systems in over 40 fire stations. Whether you choose to create text-to-speech audio files or generate audio messages on the spot, consistently clear high-quality text-to-speech improves announcement accuracy.

SCADA Systems

As factories became larger, the industrial revolution ran into a problem with how to stay informed about equipment malfunctions and emergencies. SCADA systems were developed to monitor the machinery of large industrial plants. A SCADA operator can listen to audio alerts while working on issues as they arise. Today, SCADA systems are used across a range of industries from manufacturing to government. Mechtronic Solutions provides aerospace and defense testing systems where data collection and analysis is vital for optimal performance.

Weather Notification Systems

Be in the loop on everyday weather on your TV, radio, or mobile app. Whether it’s a flash flood, earthquake, or tornado, be prepared with real-time alerts when a natural disaster strikes. Text-to-speech audio is always free of background noise from the environment. Baron Weather supplies weather network systems for local broadcasting companies.


Large public areas such as transportation systems, stadiums, and parks need broadcasting systems to alert and inform users. Atlas IED uses text-to-speech in their broadcasting systems within airports. News broadcasters also use text-to-speech to get the word out clearly. The British Broadcasting Corporation translates their videos and then uses text-to-speech to voice over the video in a new language. Text-to-speech in multiple languages makes it easy to share the message around the globe.

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