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Should you host your text-to-speech server in-house or on the cloud?

TTS server vs cloud

If you’re looking for a server-based text-to-speech solution, then odds are you’ve asked yourself this question.

You already know that you want your text-to-speech engine to be hosted on a server. This would allow your end-users to use your device or application from wherever they want. And when a text-to-speech conversion needs to be made, a request is sent to the server which then converts the text into speech and sends it back to the end-user.

But you may be wondering whose server you’re going to use. Should you use NeoSpeech’s server, or build your own?

For developers working on their commercial products, we have a few great options. Our VoiceText TTS Server SDK and API lets you integrate our text-to-speech engine into your own server and build custom applications out of it.

The other great solution we offer is through the cloud. Our Web Service, a SaaS solution, allows you to use our own servers on the cloud. We enable you to use our web-based API so that you and your customers can connect to our server to get the needed text-to-speech conversions.

So which is right for you? It depends on your resources on-hand and your future needs. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each option.

VoiceText TTS Server

NeoSpeech Server SDKIf you’re hoping to simultaneously manage multiple text-to-speech requests on your own server, then this is the solution you’re looking for.

The biggest benefit of hosting our text-to-speech engine on your server is that you have complete control over it. You host the server and manage and control the operation and security of it!  While this gives you the flexibility and granular control over your server, this can quickly result in a higher TCO—total cost of ownership.

Having complete control over the text-to-speech engine means you can build it to operate the exact way you want it to. We’ll send you an SDK so building your custom text-to-speech server with our engine is simple. We also give you the option to choose to use our server API, VTAPI, for your server, or MRCP protocol (v1 or v2) if that is what you require.

Another benefit is the resource control and management reporting. Our VoiceText Server SDK will enable your sever to generate a log file every 15 minutes that will show you customer usage, response times, and more. You can also compare these numbers to previous days, weeks, and months to track trends in usage.

People also choose this option because of security. While our Web Service servers are very secure (more on that later), some people just prefer to have everything under their watch so they can monitor their entire system and address any issues as they arise.

Basically, you should choose this option if you want to be in complete control. Control over how the text-to-speech engine works, and control over how the server operates will allow you to be in better control of your business operations.

Web Service

NeoSpeech Web ServiceAs stated above, this solution allows you to build speech-enabled websites and applications that connect to our text-to-speech engines on our own servers. It is software as a service, SaaS.  Economically speaking, it is a utility model; that is, you pay as you use without bleeding a bulky upfront cost for purchasing hosting spaces and building servers. 

Our Web Service is SOAP and REST capable, so your development team will connect your custom application to our server on the fly, leveraging the modern web programming protocols. We enable you to use the web-based API, and you do the rest from there.

The biggest benefit of choosing Web Service is the fact that you don’t have to host your own server. If you already don’t have a server and don’t have any plans on building one, then we recommend the Web Service. In other words, the TCO is miniscule since you don’t build, own or lease, and host your server infrastructure.

Comparing to the Web Service solution, building a server from the ground up around your custom application is difficult. If you don’t already have the engineers and resources to do this, then you can expect to spend a lot of time and money on building a server.

With our Web Service solution, you wouldn’t have to worry about any of these issues. Our servers are already built and ready for you to connect to them. Plus, the servers are our responsibility, and we take good care of them, which brings us to our next point.

Our servers are secure and reliable. NeoSpeech uses industry standard SSL encryption to protect your data and your customer’s information. Our servers are also very reliable, quick, and accurate.

Another added bonus, even though you don’ have complete control over the text-to-speech engine with our Web Service, you can still personalize the voices you use with a customizable dictionary! You can use this to fine tune pronunciations and add in industry slang or jargon.

What do you think?

Do you have a server-based text-to-speech product? Do you host it on your own server or ours? Let us know in the comments!

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