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Quizlet, a NeoSpeech Partner, raises $12 million in Series A funding

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Quizlet, one the world’s most popular online learning tools, has raised $12 million in their first round of funding. Quizlet has long been a partner of ours, so we wanted to share their success with you and what it means for the future of online learning and text-to-speech use throughout the world.

Quizlet uses our text-to-speech voices to fuel their online learning platform, enabling users to hear their study material or tests out loud. People who are learning a new language can use Quizlet to study and learn, utilizing one of NeoSpeech’s synthesized voices to learn exactly how to pronounce a word or phrase without the need for a tutor. Quizlet’s learning power extends well beyond just learning a new language. Students can create their own study materials based on what they want to learn, meaning that they can learn virtually anything from mathematics to geography.

Using text-to-speech, students can learn visually and aurally, which often results in a more comprehensive understanding and heightened recall and retention as they can use more senses to process information. To add to this, the addition of text-to-speech software to Quizlet enables users with visual disabilities to take part in Quizlet, opening up e-learning to those with accessibility needs.

“We’re excited to have raised $12 million in our Series A funding, which will help us dramatically expand Quizlet’s product and reach. NeoSpeech’s text-to-speech is an integral part of our tools, enabling our learners to study aurally and better master foreign language pronunciation” says Thompson Paine, VP Ops and Biz Dev at Quizlet.


example of an online learning course on quizlet

An example of an online learning course available on Quizlet


Quizlet was originally founded and developed by Andrew Sutherland in 2005 as a study tool for French class. After 10 years of hard work, Quizlet ranks in the Top 50 most visited websites in the USA and is used by almost 25% of all high school students in the USA. Quizlet is determined not to stop there – the $12 million they raised will be used to expand Quizlet internationally to reach 1 billion students worldwide.

“Why did we finally decide to raise money? We’d already built a successful, self-sustaining business. We had millions of dollars in revenue that could fully support the team we’d built. But it was time to be more ambitious, and that meant aggressively expanding our team and product” says founder and CTO, Andrew Sutherland.


“Given the millions of people who already use and love Quizlet, we believe the Quizlet platform can reach all one billion students in the world. Because students and teachers contribute the materials they use for learning on Quizlet, we can provide a service that accommodates every curriculum in every educational setting. With the rise of inexpensive devices and broadly available Internet, it’s just now becoming possible to build an education platform that truly everyone can use.”


We believe that this is the future of learning – a worldwide platform where users can interactively study any material they wish using multiple senses at a time. NeoSpeech is excited to see Quizlet’s growth and support them as they move further into the international market by providing the best text-to-speech voices available.


Learn More About Quizlet and NeoSpeech’s Text-to-Speech

To learn more about Quizlet, visit their website here. To learn more about Quizlet’s fundraising, check out this blog post from Andrew Sutherland or this article from the Wall Street Journal.

If you’d like to learn more about Text-to-Speech, check out our range of text-to-speech products for embedded, IVR, e-learning and personal use. Alternatively, you can fill out our Sales Inquiry form and one of our friendly sales team members will help answer any questions you have or help you add text-to-speech software to your next application.


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