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Most popular Text-to-Speech Languages and Voices Infographic

Ever wondered which NeoSpeech languages and voices are used most frequently? Curious about the amount of speech our voices have generated over the past year?

If you’re into statistics like that, then good news, we gathered the data and crunched to the numbers to figure out which of our voices/languages are being used and how often! Check out the infographic below to see some of the most interesting findings. Then, keep on reading for a few additional insights.

Most popular text to speech languages and voices

As mentioned in the infographic, our main business is licensing text-to-speech engines. We do this so our customers can integrate our text-to-speech engines directly into their products or applications, without having to connect them to the cloud.

With that said, we were able to get the above data from customers who are currently using our Web Service solutions. Here are a few additional insights:

  • There was an average of about 72 words in each text-to-speech conversion.
  • US English voice James had the highest average with about 156 words per conversion.
  • Although Ashley and Julie were the two most used voices in terms of total conversions, James converted the most words into speech. In fact, 43% of the total words converted into speech by NeoSpeech’s Web Service were done with James’ voice. Julie and Ashley combined for about 34% of the total words converted into speech.
  • Also, it’s worth pointing out that our text-to-speech engines are capable of making all of these conversions instantly, in real time.

Now that you have a good idea for which languages and voices are most popular, it’s time to test out each voice yourself to find the right one for your device or application. NeoSpeech’s engine packages and SDKs make it easy to integrate any of our voices into your product.

NeoSpeech Voice Demo

What do you think?

Which voices or languages are your favorites or are you more likely to use?  Let us know in the comments!

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