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NeoSpeech’s NewsSpeak app among the highest rated text-to-speech news reading apps on iOS and Android


Here at NeoSpeech, we like to point out that we have the most natural sounding text-to-speech voices on the market. Our synthesized voices can produce speech that sound as realistic as an actual human voice.

But don’t take our word for it, listen to what the reviewers of NewsSpeak have to say.

NewSpeak, an iOS and Android app by NeoSpeech, uses our text-to-speech technology to read news articles out loud to you. Originally released in 2014, NewsSpeak is still very popular and has garnered high praises from reviewers.

What is NewsSpeak?

Smart phones and tablets have made reading the news more convenient. With them, you can easily find articles and read about stories you’re interested in.

NewsSpeak takes that convenience and raises it to the next level by reading the news stories out loud to you with NeoSpeech’s text-to-speech voices! With NewsSpeak, you can listen to all the news stories you’re interested in, without having to read them on your smart phone or tablet screen.

NewsSpeak comes equipped with seven NeoSpeech voices. Users can choose their voice of preference and also select the news categories that they’re interested in. NewsSpeak will then keep the user up to date with the latest news from their preferred categories.

Users can even create playlists of news articles and save them for later. NewsSpeak is great for listening to the news stories while driving, working, doing chores, and just about anything else!

What do the reviewers have to say?

The reviews are in, and our users agree on two things. First, that NewsSpeak is a wonderful, and convenient, app. Second, that NeoSpeech has the best text-to-speech voices in the world.

Here’s what reviews had to say about NewsSpeak:

by seanarama  ★★★★★

Great clear voice reading with multiple accents. Easy interface.

by haotang1976 ★★★★★

Great app. Now I could be updated on the current news while getting ready for work.

by DailyCommuterSF  ★★★★

Just downloaded the app and I am very impressed! The voice quality (being a NeoSpeech voice) is very good. App functions very well…

by MinhDao Pham ★★★★★

Works great for me!

by Ben Metzger ★★★★★

Wow Amazing app! Puts news articles into a playlist and reads them for you. Cool set of voices…

by thefeet ★★★★★

Great tts engine. Very clear and the smoothest flow i’ve heard from ANY tts voice…

How do I get NewsSpeak?

You can download NewsSpeak for free from iTunes or the Google Play store! And yes, you read that correctly, the app is free to use!

NewsSpeak screenshot 1           NewsSpeak screenshot 2

What do you think?

Have you download NewsSpeak yet? When do you use it to listen to the news? Let us know in the comments!

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