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New Case Study on eLearning Accessibility

We learn in many different ways. Often we need to engage all our senses in order to fully process new materials. Most eLearning courses are text and image based. But what if students have difficulty reading or aren’t visual learners?

You want your eLearning platform to be easy and efficient for content creators to use, and you also want to make courses accessible to all of their students. Course creators don’t have the time to personally narrate their learning materials or the money to hire a voice actor. That’s where our natural sounding text-to-speech software comes in.

Give your users the tools they need to make their content accessible to all learners with our text-to-speech software. That’s exactly what The Tarn Group did by using our text-to-speech voice, Bridget, in Bracken, their eLearning platform. Download the pdf, “Case Study: Accessibility for all learners,” to see their story.

Case Study Accessibility for all learners Download Now

The Tarn Group enhanced students’ user experience and learning by incorporating our text-to-speech in their eLearning platform. Video testimonials show students praising how well they were able to improve their reading skills thanks to eLearning courses created with Bracken. Many students using Bracken are adult learners with reading difficulties, and our natural sounding text-to-speech has made eLearning content accessible and improved their reading skills.

What do you think?

Have you read our case study? Did it help you see the effectiveness of text-to-speech software for improving the accessibility of eLearning courses? Let us know in the comments!

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