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The Line Up: NeoSpeech’s Free Text-to-Speech Apps

In light of the release of Spokesperson, our most recent text-to-speech (TTS) app, I thought we’d take a look at NeoSpeech’s Apps and how they can be used. While we think our apps are great, the primary purpose of this post is to shows what each app offers and how you can benefit from using them. Whether you want an app to read the latest news out loud to you on your way home or to aid in communication, we have apps to help you achieve your goals.


Spokesperson App by NeoSpeech

As I mentioned, Spokesperson is our brand new text-to-speech app, which was only released in the App Store a week ago! (You read more about that here).

In basic terms, Spokesperson enables you to type in any text you like, choose one of our synthesized voices, and let our text-to-speech engine turn your text into speech. Nice and simple!

Spokesperson is primarily designed to enhance accessibility for visually impaired or mute smart phone users. Basically, it is our solution to breaking down some of the communication barriers that people with disabilities often face.

When we sat down to design Spokesperson, we agreed that we wanted to design a portable text-to-speech engine that people could access anywhere, anytime. A lot of text-to-speech products are big or confined to desktop computers, so we wanted to enhance the accessibility of TTS for everyone. And we figured that the best way to do this was to create a free app so that everyone can utilize TTS technology wherever they go – and no one has to carry a computer around!

We want this app to have a positive influence on the lives of people with disabilities, which is one of the reasons we made it free. So, check it out! And if you’re not yet convinced, here’s a bit more information about the app.


Simple User Design

The app is designed for multiple uses every day, so we wanted the interface to be as easy to use as possible. By keeping the design simple, you can easily open the app, type in the text you want spoken and let the TTS engine do the word without confusion.


Ability to Save Your Text and Audio Files

We wanted to enable users to save their previously developed text and audio files for later use. This means that when you create your own introduction file, such as “Hi, I’m Sarah. It’s nice to meet you” and then you can save this file for use anytime. So, when you meet a new person, you can simply bring out the Spokesperson app, click on this file, and NeoSpeech’s text-to-speech engine will automatically turn the text into speech. No need to type out that message every single time. Multiple files can be saved to enable communication to be as simple and effective as possible.


Copy and Paste Text into the App

Spokesperson enables you to copy and paste text into the app and hear it read out loud. This is useful in a range of situations, such as reading text messages out loud or clarifying what a paragraph says.


5 of NeoSpeech’s Synthesized Voices to Choose From

We wanted to give you the freedom to choose your voice, so all our US English voices are included in the app for free! There are 3 female voice options and 2 male voice options, including:

  • Kate
  • Julie
  • Ashley
  • Paul
  • James

Download Spokesperson Here

Download on the App Store logo


NewsSpeak App logo

Looking to get up to date on the latest gossip, trends or news? NewsSpeak is our news reading app – it utilizes our text-to-speech technology to read all the latest news out loud to make keeping up to date enjoyable and easy.

Designed for Commuters and News Enthusiasts

NewsSpeak is primarily designed for commuters; for people who want to give their eyes a break from staring at bright screens. There are a lot of people who like to sit back, close their eyes and get up to date while on the train or bus using this app. Personally, I use the app while I’m driving. I just open it up and pick the article I want to hear (before I start driving of course!) and then listen to the news on my way to and from work. It is the best way to stay safe and up to date.

However, the app is not only for commuters. It can also be useful for relaxing at home and listening to the news or for people who are visually impaired. It is great for all news enthusiasts!


Customize Your Categories

NewsSpeak has a great range of categories for you to choose from. Whether you want to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip in the Entertainment section or hear who won the game in the Sports section, there is news for everyone. Categories include:

  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Living
  • Politics
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • S. News
  • World News
  • Miscellaneous


One of the best things about this app is the ability to customize which news you want to hear and see. You can easily choose which of these categories you want to consume news about and NewsSpeak will only show you those.


Other Cool Features

  • Choose from 7 natural sounding voices from NeoSpeech
  • Follow along with convenient text highlighting as the article is being read aloud
  • Save articles for later
  • Search for articles with specific keywords
  • Share articles with friends and family easily


Download NewsSpeak Here

Download on the App Store logo         Download on Google Play logo


NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech LITE Series

The NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech LITE series includes 4 apps which turn text to speech using our high quality synthesized voices. This series of apps have the same user interface but differ depending on what language you’d like to use. You can choose from US English, UK English, Canadian French and Mexican Spanish.

The key difference between these apps and the Spokesperson App is that these use embedded Text-to-Speech whereas Spokesperson uses Server Text-to-Speech. This means that when you download an app in the LITE series, you are also downloading the TTS engine to your device. The main advantage to this is that you can use the TTS functionality without connecting to the internet.

But there is a trade off – the size of the app is much larger than the Spokesperson app because you have to download the whole TTS engine. The Spokesperson app, on the other hand, uses a cloud-based server for TTS. The file size is much smaller but you must be connected to the internet for the TTS to work. So, it depends on what kind of flexibility you want.

Also note that the LITE series only allow up to 15 words to be read at one time. Because of this, I’d recommend checking out the Spokesperson app first as you can have a higher word limit to play with. But these apps are great if you’re looking for a free, portable TTS app, especially if you’re looking for mobile TTS in a language other than US English.


NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech LITE – US English

Download Here:

NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech LITE series US English logo

NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech LITE – UK English

Download Here:

NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech LITE Series UK English

NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech LITE – Canadian French

Download Here:

NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech LITE series Canadian French logo

NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech LITE – Mexican Spanish

Download Here:

NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech LITE series Mexican Spanish logo


Do you use any of our Apps? What do you think?

We’d love to hear what you think about our text-to-speech apps! Feel free to comment below or reach out to us at marketing@neospeech.com. Or, if you have any technical support requests or comments, please feel free to reach out to our tech support team at support@neospeech.com.


Creating Your Own App with Text-to-Speech?

We’d love to help! NeoSpeech specializes in integrating TTS technology into a huge range of applications. Feel free to fill out our Sales Inquiry form and one of our friendly sales team members will be in touch to help out.



  • Reeva webb

    September 19, 2015 at 2:56 pm Reply

    The android app i want y’all to do is making y’all voices a third party replacement tts engine on android. Kate is my favorite tts voice of all time and i desperately want her to be the voice for my screenreader on my android devices.

    • neoadmin

      September 21, 2015 at 5:48 pm Reply

      Hi Reeva! Thanks for taking the time to comment and providing some feedback. Our developers are looking into the possibility of creating an android TTS app. We’ll do a blog post if/when we release an app like that, but you can also email us at marketing@neospeech.com if you have any questions in the meantime. PS: Kate is pretty great – one of our favorites too =)

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