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Can Text-to-Speech be used to End Hunger? NeoSpeech partners with Feeding Forward to realize this dream

At NeoSpeech, we believe we have a duty to help those in need, both locally and nationally.

Earlier in the year, we announced our partnership with the Military Freedom Fund, providing them with free Text-to-Speech software to help recognize the bravery of American soldiers and veterans. Now, our Text-to-Speech (TTS) software is being used to help provide meals to the hungry people of the Bay Area.

The unfortunate truth is that 1 in 6 Americans do not know where their next meal is going to come from. Meanwhile, companies all around the USA are offering their employees meals, many of which go to waste. So, how can we make sure that food doesn’t go to waste? This is where NeoSpeech and Feeding Forward step in.


Introducing Feeding Forward

Feeding Forward is a non-profit that takes excess food from donor companies, and with the help of our Text-to-Speech, delivers it to shelters and other recipient organizations in the Bay Area. They make it as easy as possible for you to donate food using their mobile app and will send you pictures of the positive difference you have made to people’s lives once the food has been delivered.


Feeding Forward and NeoSpeech team up to feed the hungry


What part does NeoSpeech’s Text-to-Speech play?

Prior to this partnership, Feeding Forward had to call every shelter individually to announce that they had food available, which took up a lot of time and resources. Now, they can inform multiple shelters at once using high quality, dynamic text-to-speech solutions from NeoSpeech.

Interestingly, one of Feeding Forward’s biggest challenges is giving away the food they receive. There are numerous government regulations about what food can be provided to which shelters, along with individual rules and regulations from the recipient organizations themselves. Some recipients will only accept food if it is gluten free or if it is delivered between certain hours, for example.

Feeding Forward uses an algorithm to determine which shelter is most likely to accept the food they have been offered within a given timeframe and geographic area. NeoSpeech’s Text-to-Speech then automatically calls the best suited recipient organization and informs them of the specifics of the food and delivery time. Each phone call is personalized using NeoSpeech’s dynamic TTS. If the recipient organization rejects the food, the next best recipient organization is automatically called until an accepting host will take the food.


NeoSpeech and Feeding Forward working together to feed the hungry


How does this help Feeding Forward?

Having free access to our TTS software has multiple positive effects on Feeding Forward:

  1. The system automatically contacts the next recipient organization if one rejects the food, optimizing efficiency.
  2. They can talk to numerous shelters at one time with personalized phone calls.
  3. They can talk to shelter operators in languages that their employees do not speak.
  4. They can scale their operations as more and more donor businesses come on board.
  5. And, very importantly, their employees can spend their time on more important tasks than making phone calls.


We had a chance to sit down with Reece Soltani, the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Feeding Forward to discuss the partnership and the opportunities that it opens up. “NeoSpeech is an integral part of our operations” says Soltani.  “Their software has allowed us to keep up with demand efficiently, expand beyond our staffing capacity through their language options to serve more communities in need, and engage our various stakeholders professionally.”


Learn More

Our Text-to-Speech has so many applications, from IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) to e-learning platforms and more. As this article shows, our TTS can even be used to help feed the hungry!

Learn more about our products here or find out how you can seamlessly integrate TTS into your next application by contacting our friendly sales team at sales@neospeech.com.

Want to help feed the hungry? Check out the Feeding Forward website to learn how you can make a difference by feeding forward. Or, share your thoughts with us by commenting below or emailing us as marketing@neospeech.com.


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