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Good News, Bitcode Is Now Supported In Our VoiceText iOS Embedded SDK!

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If you’re an app developer, chances are you cheered for joy upon reading that title. If you’re not an app developer, then you probably have no idea what this means. However, there’s still reason for you to celebrate as well. Optimizing our VoiceText embedded SDK for Bitcode support is great news for both developers and Apple product users.

So What Is Bitcode?

Apple unveiled Bitcode at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in June of last year. It was announced that Bitcode would “allow the App Store to re-optimize apps for each kind of device before they’re delivered to the user”. Apps would also automatically accommodate for updates released by Apple.

In short, Bitcode is able to optimize an application to be used by the intended device. To give you an idea, the Facebook app on an iPhone is not entirely the same as the Facebook app on an iPad. Since these are different devices, the app needs different resources to be able to run on each particular device, so the executable architecture of the app is different.

In the days before Bitcode, if a developer wanted their app to be compatible with all Apple devices, then they would have to make sure that their app contained all of the resources needed to run on each device. Then, whenever an end-user downloads the app, it would contain the executable architecture for their device and every other device, making the file size of the app much larger.

With Bitcode, the iTunes store can automatically optimize an app for a specific device. When the app gets downloaded, it’s only downloaded with the executable architecture for that particular device.

Why This Is Good For Developers

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This is good for developers because with Bitcode, all they have to do now is upload a full version of their app to iTunes. Then, the iTunes store will do the rest of the work and create a version of the app that is compatible for one particular device, such as the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Another time-saving benefit of Bitcode is that whenever Apple releases an update, iTunes will automatically update the app too. Before, if Apple released a new update of the iPhone, then a developer would need to reconfigure their app so it would still work properly. Now this will be done automatically by iTunes.

Why Is This Good For End-Users

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There’s two reasons why you should be happy here. First, because the app you download will only have the executable architecture for your device, it means the size of the app will be smaller. Apps with Bitcode will require less of your precious memory to store. This also means that it will download faster.

The second reason why you should be happy is that apps with Bitcode will automatically update with each Apple update. No longer will end-users have to worry about their apps becoming out of date and incompatible with their device.

What Kind Of Apps Would Use NeoSpeech, Anyway?

spokesperson app by neospeechGlad you asked. Several apps use NeoSpeech today. Popular uses include screen reading, eLearning, navigation, and alerts. Developers have been using NeoSpeech’s Text-to-Speech technology to create breakthrough apps that make information more accessible to all, especially users who are visually impaired. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already heard our voices on your Apple device.

You can also check out some apps that we’ve released ourselves. Our Spokesperson app lets you type in messages that become converted to speech with our voices! You can save messages and quickly tap them to have it read aloud.

Our Newspeak app reads out news stories to you, so you can keep up with current events without having to strain your eyes by reading on a tiny screen. This app can be especially useful for when you’re driving and wanting to listen to the news!

What do you think?

Do you use any apps that have text-to-speech features? Are there any apps out there that you think should have text-to-speech? Let us know in the comments!

Learn More about NeoSpeech’s Text-to-Speech

To learn more about the different areas in which Text-to-Speech technology can be used, visit our Text-to-Speech Areas of Application page. And to learn more about the products we offer, visit our Text-to-Speech Products page.

If you’re interested in adding Text-to-Speech software to your application or would like to learn more about TTS, please fill out our Sales Inquiry form and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help.

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