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Leo, Our First Male Canadian French Voice – Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce the release of our first Male Canadian French voice, Leo, over the next few months! Leo joins the NeoSpeech team alongside Chloe, our female Canadian French voice. Together, they make an impressive team.

Leo is so new that he is not even a demo on our website yet. But we couldn’t wait to let you know! Currently, Leo is available in our VoiceText Text-to-Speech Editor and will be released as an option for all our packages in the coming months.


Introducing Leo, NeoSpeech's first male Canadian French voice

Leo’s voice has already been added to our Windows Text-to-Speech Engine packages. In October, we will have Leo’s voice available in our Text-to-Speech (TTS) Sever and Linux packages. In November, we aim to have a working demo on our website so that you can try Leo’s voice for free. In late November and December, we will be releasing iOS and Android compatible versions of Leo’s voice. By the end of the year, Leo’s voice will be fully available in all our products.


For those who just can’t wait, click here to hear a sample of Leo’s voice.


So, tell me more about Leo’s Voice

Leo’s voice is beautifully smooth with all the allure of a French accent. He has the ideal balance of a friendly and professional tone, which makes him perfect for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration). Alternatively, Leo would make a brilliant personal voice, if you are looking for a new male French voice or just want to hear how fantastic Canadian French can sound as Leo reads your latest essay out loud.

Leo can handle any text, long or short, with ease. As if his voice wasn’t enough to pull you in, Leo comes with a comprehensive customizable dictionary that enables you to customize the way he says certain words or phrases. This allows you to add industry-specific jargon or slang to your audio or add emphasis on certain sections of your sentence. This is a pretty cool feature, if we do say so ourselves.


Chloe, our Female Canadian French Voice

NeoSpeech introduced our first Canadian French voice, Chloe, in late 2012. While Chloe has done an excellent job of catering to our French market, we thought it was time to give her a male counterpart to offer a full range of Canadian French options.

Chloe’s voice is very clear and comforting, making her ideal for e-learning applications. She would be especially well-suited to language learning and translation platforms where a precise yet friendly voice is required.

If you’d like to hear a sample of Chloe’s voice, click here.


How long did it take to create these synthesized voices?

Leo and Chloe are both USS (Unit Selection Synthesis) based synthesized voices; a technique which is known for producing the highest quality text-to-speech voices. After a year of hard work, NeoSpeech’s speech engineers are proud to be able to offer some of the highest quality Canadian French TTS voices available on the market. To us, this year is a worthwhile investment as we strive to produce consistently excellent quality and smooth synthesized voices.

To learn more about our speech synthesis techniques, check out our What is Text-to-Speech and How Does it Work? blog post.


Put our Voices to the Test


As we tirelessly work to get you a website demo of Leo’s voice, why not test out some of our other synthesized voices? Click here to give it a try! All you need to do is select the voice you want, type in the text you would like to be said, and then sit back and listen to the excellent quality voice.


Be One of the First to Try Leo’s Voice


Are you interested in adding Leo’s voice to your next application or using him as a personal voice? Email us at marketing@neospeech.com to get put on the list and emailed as soon as the Leo voice becomes available in your preferred package!

Alternatively, feel free to contact our sales team at sales@neospeech.com to discuss any of our other text-to-speech voices, including Chloe, and how we can help incorporate a high quality synthesized voice into your next project.

Learn more about our full range of product packages here




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