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Intelligent Virtual Assistants Continue to Choose NeoSpeech’s Text-to-Speech Voices

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In order for an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) to be successful, it must be able to act like a human. It must be able to listen and read. It must be able to understand commands and the context of questions. It must be able to think to find the solution that the user is looking for. And finally, it must be able to speak like a human.

That last part is why companies continue to turn to NeoSpeech to be the voice of their IVAs. NeoSpeech has long been known as a leader in creating the best, most lifelike text-to-speech voices in the world.

Just check out the video below to listen to NeoSpeech’s own US English Julie engine provide the voice for this IVA:

As you can see, Amelia’s natural sounding voice helps her seem more engaging, which is vital for an IVA.

The quality of the voice should be one of the top considerations when developing or employing an IVA. Here are the reasons why voice quality matters:

Poor voice quality makes the IVA seem cheap/unintelligent

A lot of R&D, time, money, and technology goes into making an IVA. First, there’s the Natural Language Understanding part of it. An IVA needs to be able to take in speech, text, or any other form of communication, and analyze it to understand the meaning.

Then, using things like AI and Machine Learning, the IVA has to fulfill the intent of the end-user. Whether they gave it a command or asked it a question, the IVA has to essentially think and construct the correct response.

If you’re developing an IVA, you probably know that by this point you’ve devoted a ton of resources into getting this far and making your IVA reliable. So don’t waste all of that effort on a poor quality voice.

No matter how smart and capable your IVA is, it will be perceived as cheap and unintelligent if the voice sounds unnatural. Robotic voices and artificial intelligence don’t go together. When people think of artificial intelligence, they think of human-like voices.

IVAs need to speak clearly

Maybe your IVA is being used to educate internal employees, or for delivering messages, or as a customer service agent helping visitors on your website. Either way, it is of the up most importance that the voice of your IVA speaks clearly, in a manner that’s easy to understand.

Your IVA is expected to deliver accurate information. A poor text-to-speech voice might have trouble pronouncing certain words or phrases. When that happens, the message isn’t being understood by the user. This knowledge-loss can severely hinder the effectiveness of your IVA.

Make sure the voice of your IVA can be easily understood by your audience.

IVAs must be engaging

If you’re using an IVA to replace a human, then you better make sure that the IVA is still as engaging as a human. Engagement is vital in areas such as education and customer service.

Engagement happens when listeners are focused and interested in what the speaker is saying. Poor quality voices are unable to capture attention and keep listeners interested. This leads to listeners not paying attention, not caring, and not learning from the IVA.

When using a high quality voice, the listener feels as if they are speaking with an actual human and feel engaged. An engaged listener is more likely to take in the information that is being said to them. You need to make sure the voice of your IVA will be a voice that your end-users would love to hear.

NeoSpeech’s Text-to-Speech solutions for IVAs

Whether your IVA is web-based, hosted on a server, or stored locally within your product, NeoSpeech has the solution that can help you give your IVA a voice. NeoSpeech’s solutions are optimized to fit your specifications.

And not to mention, NeoSpeech prides itself on having the most natural sounding voices. But don’t just take our word for it, head over to NeoSpeech’s interactive online demo to listen to any and all of NeoSpeech’s voices instantly read out any text you type.

This is why NeoSpeech has continually been chosen to provide voices for IVAs. NeoSpeech’s text-to-speech voices are able to meet the high demands that are put on an IVA voice.

What do you think?

Have you developed or employed an IVA? How much importance do you put in the voice quality of the IVA? Let us know in the comments!

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