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European Text-to-Speech Demo Engines Available Now

Be the first to sample our German, Italian, French, and Spanish text-to-speech voices!

European text-to-speech voices

Get ready to listen to our first ever European language text-to-speech voices! Starting today, existing NeoSpeech customers can contact our team to get their free download of any of the 8 new voices we’ll be releasing soon.

We have 4 new languages, and each one has a male and female option. Here’s a little preview of each voice!


Tim          Lena

Hallo! Tim is our male German text-to-speech voice and Lena is our female German text-to-speech voice. Click the buttons above to hear their voices!


Roberto          Elisa

Ciao! Meet Roberto, our male Italian text-to-speech voice and Elisa, our female Italian text-to-speech voice.


Louis          Roxane

Bonjour! Allow us to introduce you to Louis, our male French text-to-speech voice, and Roxane, our female French text-to-speech voice.


Manuel          Lola

Hola! Click the buttons above to hear sample clips of Manuel, our male Spanish text-to-speech voice and Lola, our female Spanish text-to-speech voice.

What is the demo engine?

The demo engine is a 32-bit desktop application that lets you type in any text you wish and listen to it be converted into speech. You can download the demo application for any of the 8 voices listed above onto your computer.

Keep in mind that our demo engine only offers a 16 kHz frequency (the same as the voice samples above). The full-release versions of these voices will offer much higher frequencies, which will mean higher quality sounding voices.

Here are the system requirements for each demo engine:

Operating System – Any Windows OS

CPU – Pentium III 500 MHz

RAM – 256 MB

Disk Space – about 200 MB per voice

How do I download the demo engine?

If you’re an existing customer of NeoSpeech, just get in contact with us and let us know which voice or voices you’re interested in! Then we’ll send you the application so you can download it onto your computer.

How much does each demo engine cost?

Nothing. Nada. Zero. You can sample our upcoming German, Italian, French, and Spanish text-to-speech voices for free!

When will these voices be available for purchase?

We won’t make you wait too long. Be on the lookout for the announcements of each release! They’re coming soon!

What do you think?

Did you listen to any of our new text-to-speech voices above? Which one was your favorite? Which one are you most looking forward to using? Let us know in the comments!

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