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Why BlackBerry AtHoc Trusts NeoSpeech for Secure Global Communications (Case Study)

When an emergency strikes, the clock is ticking. You need to assess the situation, connect with everyone involved and ensure their safety. A mass alert communication system enables organizations, companies, and governments to efficiently communicate with all personnel. How do you make sure your messages are...


FCC extends deadline for broadcasters to convey visual emergency information in an audio format

Last month, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted a petition to extend the deadline requiring broadcasters to provide non-textual emergency information (such as radar maps) in an audible format. The looming deadline was pushed back 18 months. Broadcasters will now be required to comply by...


The BBC takes on Text-to-Speech Technology to Translate Broadcasts into Japanese

A journalist utilizes the BBC’s new virtual voice-over technology to translate his broadcast into Japanese The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is trialing a new innovative ‘virtual voice-over technology’, which uses a combination of technologies to efficiently and precisely translate short online news videos into languages other...

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