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Bragi Partners With NeoSpeech To Add New Voices To The World’s First “Hearable”

Bragi chooses NeoSpeech to provide text-to-speech voices

Bragi, a leading innovator in the world of wearable technology, has chosen NeoSpeech to provide new languages and voices to their ground-breaking product, The Dash.

Bragi describes The Dash as the world’s first “hearable” device. From the outside, The Dash looks like a wireless headphone that fits in your ear. But if you look beneath the surface you’ll discover why The Dash is one of the most exciting pieces of wearable technology to hit the market.

While you can listen to music with it, The Dash is able to do much more for you. It can connect to your smartphone (or any other Bluetooth enabled device), track your fitness, and enhance the sound from your surroundings. Plus, The Dash is equipped with speech recognition and text-to-speech functionality. For these reasons, The Dash isn’t just a wearable device, it’s a hearable device.

Bursting onto the scene

You may be surprised to learn that Bragi, the company that created what Engadget called “the smartest earbuds on the planet”, is only 3 years old.

Bragi was founded in 2013 by Nikolaj Hviid, who wanted to find a way to make a discrete digital assistant. And he wanted to get rid of wires.

He determined that for a digital assistant to be discrete, it had to have an audible interface, meaning it had to be in the ear. And of course, it had to be wireless.

At the time, this was a tall order to fulfill as many technical hurdles needed to be cleared to turn that idea into a reality. Hviid essentially wanted to put a powerful computer into a small, wireless earbud.

To get the necessary funds to create this product, Bragi started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. While the vision that Hviid had may have seemed far-fetched, Bragi’s Kickstarter campaign gathered interest, and people were excited about the idea.

Bragi’s goal was to raise $260,000. In the end, they raised $3.3 million. To date, Bragi (based in Munich, Germany) is the most successful Kickstarter in Europe.

Since then, Bragi went on to accomplish their goal and created The Dash, a microcomputer that you wear in your ear. The Dash is now available through Bragi’s website and on Amazon.

What is The Dash?

The Dash will feature NeoSpeech text-to-speech voices

“Unlike most devices…The Dash can function as its own device.”

To get some more information, we reached out to Lorena Poy, the Communications Manager at Bragi, to find out what makes The Dash such a revolutionary product.

As we already mentioned, The Dash can play music, connect to your smartphone, and track your fitness among other features. While discussing the fitness tracking aspect, Poy mentioned that it can even track your swimming. This is where we got to some of the really cool features.

“The Dash is waterproof up to 1 meter, a smartphone isn’t,” said Poy, “Also, Bluetooth doesn’t connect in water, which is why we needed to create internal storage in the device.” 

For now, let’s skip past the amazing news that we can wear these earbuds in the water while swimming and focus on that second sentence.

Not only will a smartphone break if you try swimming with it, but you also wouldn’t be able to track your swimming if you left it out of the water because the Bluetooth wouldn’t work. In most cases, this would mean that it’d be impossible to track your swimming without a smartphone.

However, Poy mentioned that The Dash has its own internal storage, which means it is able to track your workout without being connected to any other devices.  Poy explained the significance of this, “The Dash isn’t an accessory anymore. You can just leave your smartphone at home when you go on a run.”

Unlike most devices that connect to a smartphone, The Dash doesn’t need to be connected to fully function, which is what sets these wireless earbuds apart from the competition. The Dash can function as its own device.

Another cool feature worth noting is that The Dash can record your gestures. For example, if you are receiving a phone call, you can nod your head up-and-down and The Dash will answer the call for you. Check out everything The Dash has to offer in this video:

Partnership with NeoSpeech

What’s also great about The Dash is that it can be updated. It is a living platform. So when you purchase one of Bragi’s products, you won’t be stuck with an outdated version as time goes on.

“The Dash is just the beginning of what it can be,” said Poy, “We regularly release updates that add new features.”

One of those new updates included the addition of four new languages – Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. Bragi chose NeoSpeech to provide our high-quality Chinese voices to their amazing products! Bragi plans on regularly adding more languages to their lineup, so be on the lookout for NeoSpeech’s voices.

At NeoSpeech, we strive to develop the best text-to-speech technologies so our partners can create the best solutions with them. We’re excited to partner with Bragi and can’t wait to see what they do in the future.

What do you think?

What do you think about Bragi? What would you use The Dash for? Let us know in the comments!

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