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Why BlackBerry AtHoc Trusts NeoSpeech for Secure Global Communications (Case Study)

When an emergency strikes, the clock is ticking. You need to assess the situation, connect with everyone involved and ensure their safety. A mass alert communication system enables organizations, companies, and governments to efficiently communicate with all personnel.

How do you make sure your messages are clear and sent out quickly? Text-to-speech audio is created instantly and can be sent in mass batches. With text-to-speech, the message can be generated live and include new details specific to the situation. So everyone stays up to date in real time.

BlackBerry AtHoc, the leader in secure mass notification systems, has trusted NeoSpeech for their text-to-speech solutions for over 8 years. Download the pdf, “Case Study: Secure Global Communications,” to see their story.

BlackBerry AtHoc serves organizations in all industries, such as health care, transportation, and government. BlackBerry AtHoc is the only networked crisis communication provider to receive Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Authorization, a standardized framework for security authorization for cloud services.

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