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Welcome to Text2Speech! 

Our blog focuses on Text-to-Speech technology, its uses and the stories of those who use it. We strive to be a comprehensive resource for all speech technology ideas and improvements and for those who want to learn more about TTS. We dive into the many application areas of TTS, from education to helping those with disabilities and more.


announcing the NeoSpeech blog

We look forward to bringing you:

  • interesting speech technology ideas,
  • new uses of TTS,
  • market trends,
  • software advances,
  • Text-to-Speech News,
  • heartwarming stories,
  • new speech technology products,
  • and many other exciting posts about Text-to-Speech (or Text to Speech) technology.


If you have any ideas or stories you would like to share with us that could be featured on our blog, please feel free to contact Sarah at sarah@neospeech.com.